Trout Release


Trout release is when the local school has a chance to get outdoors and release trout they have raised in their classroom. They maintain a tank temperature of 51 F and the eggs are stored in the tank. Soon trout emerge as fry and then are eventually released in the Tule River.

While at the Tule River the students get a few lessons from various scientists. This included wildlife biologists,…

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Security You Should Take Advantage Of Now

Security You Should Take Advantage Of Now


A great article from LifeHacker about enabling a security measure called Two Step Verification. Besides a password to log into a site, two-step verification adds another level of security by requiring you to enter a pin. This pin is randomly generated and can only be used once in the allotted time. You can receive these pins via a text message or, if you have a smart phone, you can use an app.…

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