Down for Awhile


Today begins day 3 of lower back pain. I will be laying around on ice every two hours. Sounds really bad, right? Wondering how it happened? Well it wasn’t lifting anything heavy at all.

Tuesday morning I reached down to grab my son’s hand. Next minute, I am on the floor as pain burns in my lower back. Several hours later I find out it is not a disk but likely a severe muscle spasm that happens…

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Back on the Bike

Back on the Bike

Today was a special day on the home front. I have been cycling for some time and occasionally tote Jaden along with me too. Well today, for the first time, Diana was able to join us. Many of you who have followed the blog or communicated with us in other ways know this is a big deal. It was nice to be riding as a family and seeing Diana back on her bike. It wasn’t a long ride by any means, but it…

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Returning Home

Mile High Vista

It has been quiet here on my blog lately. There has been a lot going on at the home front. Most of the quietness was being away on a fire assignment for some time. Other times there was simply a lot of things to do around the home and with my family to fill in all the time I had. Now with a little down time, it is time for me to catch everyone up.

I supervised a couple of employees at work. It…

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